You’re tired of being stuck and are ready for a better life

 – That better life is within reach!



You’ve tried the “self-help” books, seminars, and positive affirmations

Sure, they work for a while, but pretty soon, you find yourself back to square one and fighting those same demons. You’re not alone. Without reinforcement, those tactics are great but won’t create the lasting change you crave. FIRE UP Life’s approach is different.

You’re ready to invest in yourself

You know that you’re your best investment. It’s time to say “goodbye” to those old limiting beliefs that have blocked you from true happiness. It’s time to do the work and emerge as the best version of yourself. FIRE UP Life helps amazing people just like you make deep-level changes to win at life! 

You want a personal touch with customized support and accountability

You’re on a journey unique to YOU and a one-size-fits-all plan just won’t do. That’s why FIRE UP Life’s Coaches tailor plans based on your specific needs to help you reach your goals and uplift your soul. You can even choose from our team of qualified coaches to find the best fit for your personality!

You’ve got a busy schedule and want flexibility

You want a Coach who can meet with you virtually at a time that works for you. With FIRE UP Life’s team of coaches, we are available for a wide range of hours to meet your needs.

YOu’re not sure how to get started

Getting started is simple! Just book a no-cost, no-obligation, 30-minute Discovery Session with one of our Life Coaches. We’ll talk with you about your goals, dreams, and what’s been keeping you from them. If you’re not sure about any of that, that’s OK, too! We can help you define your future direction. 


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About Us

jamie & Holly fair



Strategic intervention coaching

All FIRE UP Life coaches are Certified Life Coaches through the Robbins-Madanes Training program – the foremost Life Coach training program in the world and the official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins. 

This is an intensive program teaching the Strategic Intervention style of coaching employed by Tony Robbins coupled with the psychological background and understanding provided by perhaps the world’s most famous family therapist, Chloe Madanes.



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Do you have a team of people focused squarely on improving your life?

Most of us spend very little time focused on what will move our lives forward.  Imagine what life would look like if you brought in a team of talented individuals working together for the sole purpose of making your life better.  

FIRE UP Life brings a team of people focused on you.  If you’re ready for the next level, FIRE UP Life brings a world-class coaching team to get you there.  You’ll know from your first interaction that you’re in the best hands.  We believe every client is a platinum-level client and strive every day to provide nothing short of a phenomenal coaching experience.

FIRE UP Life brings together a diverse team from different age groups, different genders, different backgrounds, and different walks of life.  We leverage this team diversity and approach to bring each client-targeted solutions that truly work for them.





What We Can Offer


Get real movement in your life and live the life you deserve.


motivational speaking

If your organization is looking for a way to FIRE UP your team, Jamie and Holly bring decades of high-energy public speaking and training experience both corporate and private.



Join us at our next event and see real results in your life now.


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Additional Services

  • Bi-monthly online group coaching
  • Couples/Relationship counseling
  • Leadership training
  • Career guidance


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Our Mission

“Inside each of us is an ember of the universal FIRE.  Our Mission is to stoke that FIRE, to leverage Fair methods to Inspire others to be their best selves, to Reignite passion and purpose, and to Empower our clients to achieve the most rewarding and fulfilling lives possible.  We do this with Unparalleled Passion through the careful and considered application of extensive life coaching training in an unbiased, non-judgmental, and safe environment.”

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