About Us

A Life Worth Waking Up To

Hi, my name is Jamie and I want to help you create your dreams. If that sounds like a lofty goal, it is. But for those that are ready for something more, something better, I am here to help you make that a reality.

You see I know what it’s like to play small – to be less than you are capable of being. I’ve gone from penniless and nearly homeless to become an SVP of a $30M company, a co-founder of my own company, and a co-owner of an organization my business partner and I built into a $1M company.

I’ve gone from shy and alone to meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams – the woman I believe is my soul mate.

Growing up, I had no spirituality or religion in my life, and now I feel guided and inspired every single day.

So, when I say I help people achieve their dreams, I really mean that. I truly understand the mindset and the belief in yourself it takes if you want to build a business or a better version of you.

I help people realize what’s possible for them. My clients come to me because they know there is more to this life, and they want more.

Whether it’s a new relationship, a new career, starting a business, or becoming a better version of you, I’ll help you create and plan a path to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Someone once said that if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

My name is Jamie. I am a Life Coach and a Leadership Trainer, and I want to help you achieve your dreams.

About Jamie

I have a gift for reading people – to look past the story and see what’s possible. I have a proven track record of picking highly successful leaders because I see the potential in people. I’m able to identify what’s holding someone back and give them a path to reach their goals and aspirations. I help people break the shackles of limitations and see what’s truly available for them.

With over 30 years of professional leadership experience and a dozen years in the interpersonal workspace, I combine my passion for teaching leadership skills along with my love of coaching life skills.

Having come from penniless to achieving heights professionally, financially and in my personal and spiritual life, I now use my own experiences to teach others how to push through their own fears and limiting beliefs to achieve what may not have seemed possible.

I have helped hundreds in their careers and personal lives. From corporate teams to individual coaching, I lead with a passion and purpose. 

Whether you’re looking for your next career, an incredible relationship, or chasing your dreams of starting your own business, I can help you break through your own limiting beliefs to discover heights you didn’t believe were achievable for you.

Every single day I immerse myself in videos, books, podcasts, classes and webinars on self-improvement and leadership. In my free time, I am a husband, father, grandfather, avid scuba diver, hiker, reader, meditator, and nature lover.

Living the Royal Life!

Hello! I’m Queen Holly Fair!

In a momentous breakthrough, I discovered my true identity – that of a Queen! Since that day, I’ve been on a transformative journey to embrace all aspects of what being a Queen means to me.

What started off as a novelty of wearing a crown for photo ops has become a passion and a mission. I started my #CrownDayEveryDay challenge in October 2021 and have worn my crown every day since then!

This mission has given me a unique opportunity to show up, inspire others, and have meaningful conversations with people from around the globe. I’ve become the self-proclaimed Ambassador for the royalty that lives within us all!  

My past hasn’t always been royal.  It’s been filled with profound traumas including sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, divorce, losing a baby, infertility, and extreme weight fluctuations.

Rather than becoming bitter toward life, I have used these challenges as a springboard for positivity and embrace all that life has to offer! My experiences have gifted me with intense empathy which allows me to connect with anyone on a deep emotional level.

About Holly

I am a dynamic speaker with a penchant for inspiring and captivating live and virtual audiences.  I am a natural in front of groups of any size and flourish in the spotlight. It is such a beautiful opportunity to share tools, knowledge, and experience to help others transform their lives!  

My story and transformational journey have been featured at the annual Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event since 2018, reaching international audiences in excess of 25,000 people. Since January 2022, I have devoted much of my time serving in the Tony Robbins leadership track and have achieved the title of Senior Leader.

I honed my skills as a business professor for 13 years, delighting adult learners with my zest for teaching and empowering them to be the best they could be. My gift of breaking down complex subjects and making them approachable and enjoyable has helped even the most hesitant students embrace learning.

Now retired from my professorship, I teach others how to rise above their limitations and create a life of meaning and impact!

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Master of Business Administration. A lifelong learner, I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching, and attend seminars, workshops, and webinars regularly to enhance my skills and broaden my vast knowledge base. 

A native Utahn, I reside in Salt Lake City with my beloved husband, Jamie, and tiny Papillon dog, Lola. I live an active lifestyle, and enjoy volunteering, artistic endeavors, and international travel.