Why Get a Coach

Why should you get a coach?

The Chairman of Alphabet (formerly CEO of Google), Eric Schmidt, says the best advice he ever got was to hire a coach. Eric was a longtime executive that was already running a successful global business that was growing like a weed. He didn’t need a coach. He resisted, but eventually he turned the corner, gave it a shot and in a later interview with Fortune Magazine, he said, “everyone needs a coach.”

Oprah attributes part of her success to her life coach and has been a major advocate of it. Oprah’s even gone so far as showcasing various life coaches to her audience over the years and recommending one for everybody.

Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family. Struggled with drug abuse, legal issues, and homelessness. It wasn’t until a life coach entered the picture that things got better.

The Denver Broncos star Von Miller had issues with the law in the past. He got a coach to help turn his life around and became a Super Bowl champion and an MVP.

Nia Long has come out and said living a happy and fulfilling life is a result of working with her own coach.

In Metallica’s case, there was a documentary made about it. They got themselves a life coach who helped them work through their issues, resulting in their subsequent album release.

Leonardo DiCaprio hired Tony Robbins as a coach.

Bill Clinton hired Tony Robbins to be his coach.

Serena Williams hired Tony Robbins and then won the Grand Slam.

Another tennis star, Andre Agassi, was once ranked 126th in the world but became #1 in the world. His fame led to issues like drug abuse until he got a coach.

Justin Bieber has a coach.


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